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Six PSV Physicians Present at Inova's 13th Annual Mohsen Ziai Pediatric Conference

November 11, 2019 | By Chyna Brown

Inova hosted its 13th Annual Mohsen Ziai Pediatric Conference November 1-2 at Ritz-Carlton Tysons. The  two-day intensive program provided research, academic and clinical information in a format that emphasizes the practical application of current concepts relevant to office practice and to professionals involved in the care of children. Six PSV physicians presented during the conference to the engaged audience consisting of pediatric, family practice and emergency physicians, as well as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses.

PSV Speakers and Presentations:

Suchitra Hourigan, MD (Gastroenterology) – Restoring  a Child'S Microbiome to Improve Future Health: Vaginal Seeding and Other Strategies

George Gantsoudes, MD (Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine) – It's Not Always Clubfoot: Common Foot Abnormalities in Infants

Daniel Keim, MD (Infectious Diseases) – Fifty Years in Clinical Medicine: Lessons Learned

Rebecca Levorson, MD (Medical Director of Infectious Diseases) –  Choose Your Own Adventure 

Thanh T. Nguyen, MD (Neurology) – Infectious & Autoimmune Encephalitis

Andrew Nuibe (Infectious Diseases) – Macrolides 

13th Annual Mohsen Ziai Pediatric Conference Information: